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1GEN Labs, the digital arm of 1GEN, specializes in assisting the digital transformation of narratives to make a meaningful impact. By utilizing our technological expertise, we create user-friendly platforms like mobile apps and websites that make it simple for your audience to interact and connect.

Our meticulously planned digital marketing strategies enable partners to reach a wider audience with their message. We use a variety of strategies, such as email marketing, social media, and SEO, to increase the number of users and improve the interaction of current users.

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Inner Explorer

As the first audio-guided mindfulness program based on the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) approach, Inner Explorer is backed by nearly four decades of thorough scientific research. Inner Explorer, which is unmatched and has 6,000 scientific studies to prove its efficacy, follows the same path as MBSR."


Youth4Planet has created a ground-breaking framework that actively engages and empowers young people in the intricate realm of group filmmaking. This inclusive approach is flexible and appropriate for a range of settings, including professional offices, youth organizations, and educational institutions (including colleges and schools). Youth4Planet develops a dynamic platform for diverse participation by encouraging creativity and collaboration.

Well being Studio

Here at Well Being Studio, we leverage the power of the arts to enhance mental health and encourage candid dialogue among kids, teens, and families. Breaking down the stigmas related to medical trauma, chronic illness, disability, and inclusion is our primary objective. Through our efforts, we all develop coping mechanisms, foster creativity, and build a strong, caring community that enables people to live, connect, and prosper.

Silver talkies

We want to build a society where elderly people can age with dignity and empowerment. Although aging is natural, it can be slowed down by adopting an approach and way of life that encourages the ongoing development of the soul, body, and mind. Multiple research studies, expert perspectives, and personal experiences highlight the need to maintain an active lifestyle and prioritize holistic well—being— beyond physical health—to age healthily.

We replace overpriced agencies and unpredictable wireframes with one of the best-structured layers possible.

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Receive your design in a couple of business days and remain updated at every stage of the procedure. A clear proposition, conceptual realization, and thorough coverage of the logo, type, style, feel, tone, movement, and content are all needed for a technologically sophisticated brand, and they are all here.

Our field of expertise is to communicate your brand's message effectively. We create engaging campaign creatives to draw in consumers and reach them at their elevation. Brighten up your brand and effectively communicate your distinct value proposition with our agile and quick-thinking creative approach.

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